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Super Bowl Sin

It is Super Bowl weekend.  Many fans, if they can make it, will be pouring into the Dallas Area to watch the big game live.  Others will host get-togethers for friends and family to catch the game together.  Some will DVR the game to make sure they do not miss any of the action.

Sadly, the Super Bowl weekend also means an increase in certain types of sin.  Specifically, sins of the sexual variety increase at the Super Bowl site.  Advertisements are being sent to make up the shortage of women to work in “Gentleman’s” Club.  An expected increase in sex trafficking, and underage sex trafficking is also being reported.  Just two more examples of our societies reducing women, who are made in the image of God, to objects of lust.

It is this societal backdrop that another story from the Super Bowl comes into play.  75 million people will be watching the Super Bowl on Sunday, 40 Million people will be looking at pornography on the same day.  This has led to an effort by a number of organizations to form National Porn Sunday.  The event, on Super Bowl Sunday, hopes to curtail this rampart sinful behavior.  A few NFL players have also lent their celebrity to the event.

As to be expected, many view this “crusade” against pornography as a worthless endeavor.  One sports writer used the all-to-familiar argument that pornography does not hurt anyone.  It is the new way to look at sin.  Sin is simply a pragmatic endeavor.  We view sin by rather or not it hurts someone else.  What many fail to realize is that all sin is directed against God.  Whether our sins on earth hurt others or not (and I would argue pornography hurts others a lot more than people want to admit), we must realize that sin is an affront to our Holy God.  Just like David testifies in Psalm 51, all sin is ultimate sin leveled in rebellion against our Creator.

Viewing pornography, even in the privacy of one’s home, hurts more than just yourself.  It is a sin of rebellion against God.  A sin that all Christians should avoid.  We need more men (and women), like Job, who are willing to make a covenant with their eyes to not lust after anyone, but our spouse.



  1. Amen, brother. You surprised me a little; I suppose the sins of idolatry and generally being idle (maybe a gray area) are rampant on SUPER SUNDAY as well.

  2. Do you guys think you will ever get help for your mental health issues, or will you just defend them until the death under the pretense that you are following Biblical scripture? I’m guessing the later.

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