As part of the religious calendar of Israel the people were required to gather together in Jerusalem for commemorative feasts. These feasts were times for the people to celebrate God’s working among them.  Some feasts were for remembering something in the past that God had done whose results are still seen in the present.  Other feasts were for remembering something God did very recently.

The feasts forced the people to stop and see how God was working amongst them. Today is Thanksgiving.  Many will gather around and eat.  We will stop to feast.  Our feasting today should also be a time for us to commemorate and celebrate.  In celebrating and offering thanks we both look at what God has done recently.  This would include another year of life. Food on the table. Safe travels. Houses and clothing.  We also should use this time to remember what God has done in the past.  For the Christian we thank God for His creating us and for the crucifixion of Jesus on our behalf.

So, today enjoy your time celebrate, but do not remember to make this a time to thank God!