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Three Goals All Christians Should Set

Three Resolutions We All Should Make from 1 Thessalonians 1:9,10.

When Paul wrote to the Thessalonians he reminded them of three actions they took (and were still taking) when they became Christians.  Three Resolutions  they made because they had been converted.  These same Resolutions are ones that ALL christians should make.  Here they are:

1. Turn from Idols–Although for the most part moderns do not make idols out of wood or stone (although with the new spirituality this is going to become more common place) we still have idols.  Money and Greed are idols for some as they give up their soul in pursuit.  Entertainment can be an idol as we put that above activities that we should be doing. Our televisions are the closest non-living things that we worship today.  Lust has become an idol.  Sex sells and many people are buying to the detriment of their souls.

2. Serve the Living God–When we turn from idols (repent) then we turn to God.  Not just any God the living God is who we now serve.  The fact that God is living shows just how dumb it is for us to put anything in the place that belongs solely to Him.  Serving God is seen in obedience to Him, but is also seen in serving mankind.  It means serving the lost through teaching them the gospel of Jesus Christ.  It means serving the brethren by taking care of their needs.

3. Anticipate the Second Coming –The Second Coming of Jesus should never be far from the Christian’s mind.  Jesus is going to return some day and we need to constantly be waiting for that day.  Not in dread, but in anticipation of spending eternity with our Lord.



  1. Great lesson! Hope you weren’t driving and “texting”! As I read this I thought of a recent conversation I had with a young teen who is about to change from a public to a private Christian school. She is concerned that she have the right kind of phone, clothes, car, etc. so that she’ll make a good first impression. How sad that this is what so many of the young people of today are concerned about. My prayer is that we in the church can teach our teens that loving and pleasing God is so much more important and that the right kind of heart will attract the right kind of friends, regardless of our material possessions!

  2. Wesley – Thought you would include reading this site as a worthy goal or resolution. 🙂 I enjoy checking it out although I don’t comment too often, usually nothing worthy to add or say. Look forward to your next II Thes post.

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