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What Christians can learn from GCB?

Disclaimer:  I have never watched GCB and do not intend to watch.  Just like I never watched its sister show Desperate Housewives and never intend to.  I have, however, read enough about the show and of the shows plot line to understand what is is about.

GCB is a new show on ABC.  It stands for Good Christian Belles, although that was actually the second name. The initial name for the show was too vulgar and received too much outrage.  The show is a sitcom based around “Christian” women living in the Dallas area.  The show claims these women as Christians and church-goers, but their lifestyle and attitude depict them as judgmental hypocrites.

It seems kind of odd to ask what Christians can learn from a show like this, but I do think there are some clear lessons that can be learned from this show being aired to a nationwide audience.

First, it is a reminder that there is in fact a portion of our society that has an agenda against Christianity.  Christians have a moral standard which we uphold.  We have clear teaching concerning right and wrong.  We have a word, “sin” that declares that certain actions and thoughts are an affront to our holy God.  We speak of the consequences of sin. This leads many to accuse us as being judgmental.  To state that a world without Jesus is condemned rings in the ears of those devoid of Jesus a certain “holier-than-thou” tune.  Thus Christians and the Christian faith is often lambasted in television shows and movies.

Second, it is a reminder that plenty of material is available for a show like GCB.  The dominant faith in America is Christianity.  A study from 2009 states that 79% of Americans claim Christianity.  Now to an undiscerning world this means that 79% of Americans are Christians (you can read my post here that disagrees with such a claim).  The truth is that many people who claim to be Christians are nothing more than hypocrites.  The claim to have a relationship with Jesus, yet they do not live out that claim through obedience to Him as their Lord.  This provides untold material for those who want to point out the inconsistencies and hypocrisy within people who claim to be Christians.

Now these two facts, that are made clear in a show like GCB, should motivate Christians.  What I mean is that it should motivate us to follow the command given to us in 1 Peter.  “Keep your conduct honorable among the Gentiles, so when they speak against you as evildoers, they may see your good deeds and glorify God on the day of visitation” (more on that verse here).

Since we know that there are people with an agenda to “speak evil” against us, then as Christians we should make all the more effort to conduct ourselves appropriately.  We cannot change what others who claim to be Christians do, but we can make sure we live “honorable” lives.



  1. To be perfectly honest: I think this post would’ve been a lot more convincing if you had seen the show and could give a genuine opinion about it.

  2. Wesley

    March 14, 2012 at 6:06 pm

    Thank you for your opinion. The plot and synopsis of the show in general (and episodes in particular) are available online. Even granting that the post might have been enhanced by having watched the show, I think the overall premise of the post is well established and by extension the conclusion reached is valid. There is no doubt that there are numerous examples of Christianity and Christians being made out in the public eye as hypocrites. It is also true that there are plenty of Christians who are hypocrites. Therefore it is imperative that Christians take upon ourselves the responsibility to live “honorable” lives.

    Thanks again for reading.

  3. I do not feel I need to watch a show/movie to know whether it is inappropriate for me to watch. I can tell when I see the advertisements for the show/movie.

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