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Why I Love the Church?

This is a post of mine that original appeared at  Hope my readers enjoy it.

As you walk into our gathering place you are met by signs and posters with the statement: A place to belong. I know it is a bit cliché, but it is easy to remember and hopefully it portrays our true feelings. We truly want to be a place people can belong. Using the analogy of place, when I think about what I love about the church, three areas come to mind (speaking of cliché a preacher using three points).

First, I love the church because it is a place of submission. I know that is kind of a weird aspect to love. Submission is not something we are cultural programmed to accept. However, I love the fact the church is a place of submission because of to whom we submit: Jesus. Entrusting that He knows best. Convinced that He will keep His promises. What a liberating experience!

Second, I love the church because it is a place of reconciliation. In the wisdom of God He decided that all humanity would be reconciled to each other and to Him in the church. This grand mystery of God is displayed to the world in the church.

Third, I love the church because it is a place of unity. Salvation is not exclusive to the rich or poor, man or woman, white or black. Salvation is available to all and so is the church. The “fullness” of humanity is to be seen in the church.

Honestly, we all know these are ideals. The church has not always shown itself to be examples of these three areas. Lets also be honest, no other institution/organism/organization/community has either. However, the fact that these are three of the ideals of the church makes me love the church and the God whom the church worships



  1. Great thought! Thanks Wesley!

  2. I feel the same love! When Christians allows God to use the Church for His glory, amazing things can happen! I worship with Wesley and see those same signs (A place for everyone). That group of Christians has done so much for our family. Our family has celebrated adoptions, mourned deaths and gone through day to day trials with God using these Christians to show us His love. When troubles arise in the Church, it is because of human sin not because of the plan God put into place with the Church. When following God’s blueprint for the Church and Christians let God work through them, it is a little taste of Heaven!!!

  3. Wesley

    December 2, 2010 at 10:54 am

    Thanks Wes.

    Tammy–I agree with your thoughts wholeheartedly. We have a great church family.

  4. Enjoyed reading this. Great thoughts.

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