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Angels Longing to Look

I was reading through 1 Peter this week and took pause in 1:12.  I have read the verse on several occasions but for some reason hadn’t looked at the last clause in that verse very carefully.  It says, “things in which angels long to look.”

The “things” in this verse refer back to the salvation and how the prophets of old desired to know when and who would procure this salvation.  The angels wanted to know more about this.  In fact they “longed” to see, how salvation would happen.  The word long is translated “lust” elsewhere in 1 Peter and carries the idea of an intense desire.  The word “look” is not the most often used Greek word for look, but rather is a word that has the idea of peaking ones head over a boundary to see what is on the other side.  These angels wanted to know all that they could about the salvation process.  What is so striking about this is that the salvation process that angels are “longing to see” doesn’t effect them directly.  They will never experience the joy this salvation offers personally, but they desire to see how God is saving mankind.

After I got over the amazement of thinking of angels peeking into the physical realm to better understand how God was going to save mankind, a somber thought came to mind.  Angels seem more concerned with how God is saving man, than man is.  So many people live their lives unconcerned about how God has brought salvation. They don’t take the time and effort nor do they have the intense desire to learn about God’s salvation.  I also think about whether or not I am intense enough in my own desire to more fully understand the salvation God has provided me, so that I can glorify Him more.

So, what can you be taught by angels?



  1. This is so funny! I was reading I and II Peter the other night and this verse gave me pause as well. I had always seen angels as having a front row seat to all that is happening, but to see that they are kept in the dark about some aspects of God’s plan was a new thought to me. I had read that verse before but it really stuck out to me this time. Your thoughts are true and have made me think about the verse again. I love learning about angels! Maybe you could do a study on them through this site!!! 🙂

  2. Wesley

    February 2, 2011 at 11:40 am

    I hope to in the future. However, to think of angels desiring to see God’s salvation of man is pretty cool.

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