When was the last time something truly amazed you?  I mean you had one of those moments where you had to stop and think about what just happened.  Does it happen often to you?  Are you someone who is easily amazed?  Or does it take a lot to bring a sense of awe within you?

In Mark’s gospel the actions of Jesus are highlighted.  Mark does not have large teaching sections like the other gospels, but instead he shows the actions of Jesus.  He teaches us Jesus by the actions of our Savior.  In the first chapter of Mark we see that Jesus is a preacher and a healer.

What is interesting to me though is the reaction of the crowd.  Mark slows down his gospel to reveal to us the response people had to Jesus.  The response Mark records?  Amazement.  The actions of Jesus astonished the crowds.

So, when was the last time you were amazed by Jesus?  When was the last time you stood in awe of Him?  In our study of Scripture let us not forget to take time to be amazed by the one whom Scripture points to.


Thank you for your Son.  Forgive us when we take Him for granted.  Lord, may you give us the faith to be amazed by your Son.

Through His Name,


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