Advertising is about showing something is better.  The something can be a product.  It can be an action.  It can be a new mindset. It doesn’t matter the goal is the same.

Better than what?  Well that depends.  If there is already a product in the market they must show that the new product is better . In some cases it is even proving that  a new release of the same product is better (we have all heard the announcement “new and improved”.  The cynic in me wonders was the old bad.  And if it was bad then why would I trust the same company to make a better product).    Other times they must show that buying, doing, or changing is better than the status quo.  Evidence and opinions are offered to prove the new is better.

In Hebrews the author hopes to motivate the community to not give up.  Christian life has brought suffering.  This suffering had led them to think fondly of the old way.  There was a real temptation to leave Christ.  The Hebrew writer therefore goes through the arduous process of showing that Christ is “better than” (repeated phrase throughout the book) their old way of living (in their case Mosaic System).

Every now and then we as Christian today are tempted to take the easy path.  We are tempted to go back to our old way of life.  We are tempted to allow sin to reign.  We can be convinced that a life of sin is better than what we have now.  In those cases we need to be reminded that Jesus is better than ALL!


Help us during our times of temptation not to forget what your Son has done for us.  Keep our minds focused on the greatness of Jesus, so that we can see the inferior nature of the pleasures of this world.  We thank you righteous Father for providing such a wonderful Savior,

Through His Name,


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