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Billy Ray Cyrus Parenting Advice

Never before have I found inspiration for a spiritual discussion from Billy Ray Cyrus. Something sent to me yesterday changed that.  It was an article detailing Mr. Cyrus’ frustration with his daughter’s choices.  He complained about being blamed for her questionable decisions (this somewhat annoyed me).  He also made an important statement that all parents, especially fathers, need to hear.  He said, “he should have been stricter.”

We do not know all the reasons why Billy Ray was not stricter with his daughter, but we know now that he has regret.  He, like many others, has witnessed the poor choices that have characterized her for quite some time now.  I can’t imagine how it must hurt.

I bring this story up as a reminder and a warning to parents.  You have one chance to raise your child.  One opportunity to instill within them character.  One chance to teach them how to live wisely.  Do not waste that chance.  Raising children is not easy. It is not the most appreciated occupation.  Parents will not always be perfect.  Even the best parents sometimes have children who are rebellious. However, remember that God has placed your children under your care.  They are gifts from Him.  You have a limited amount of time to influence them, and you are there biggest influence.  Don’t look back in regret.


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  1. In my son’s wrestling room there is a quote on the wall that says
    “There are two types of pain in life, the pain of discipline, and the pain of regret”

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