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Bodily Exercise Profits Little

Admittedly Jack LaLanne was before my time, but I still recognized who he was when I learned the news that he had passed away. He was a fitness guru, pioneer and entrepreneur.  He opened a gym, starred on a television show, and promoted a juicer.  He was the father of modern day health personalities. His fitness decisions seem to pay-off as he lived until he was 95.

His life, also, reminds me of an important truth.  This man definitely profited from exercise (both health wise and financially). However, Jack Lalanne did not live forever and the eternity that he entered will be much longer than his 95 years.  The important truth that I’m reminded of is Paul’s statement in 1 Timothy 4:8 “Bodily exercise is beneficial for a little time, but godliness is beneficial for a all time, having promise for the current life, and the life which is to come” (Translation mine).

Americans spend untold amounts of money and time on health and fitness.  Not a bad thing within itself, however are we spending the appropriate time on godliness, which will benefit long after this life is over?



  1. There definitely needs to be a healthy balance when it comes to our physical, spiritual and emotional health.

    But I also believe that Christians don’t take their physical health serious enough and, ministers even more so. I believe exercise is an important part of my ministry and life. Being a “big” guy, who once was way overweight, I found it hypocritical to stand in the pulpit and preach against the sin of a lack of self-control, drunkenness, adultery, etc and be 30-50 lbs overweight. Why is my sin any lesser on God’s eyes than theirs. We’re taught that our bodies are the temple of God, unfortunately too many preachers/Christians are carrying around way too much temple of God.

    Personally, I totally agree, the physical isn’t as important as the spiritual, but if I can’t practice what I preach … I need to quit preaching.

    Loved looking around your blog. Blessings.

  2. Wesley

    January 27, 2011 at 11:46 am

    Thanks Trey. In my understanding of the passage I believe Paul is not downplaying physical exercise, as much as he is promoting godliness. That is what I hoped to do in my post as well. My concern is that culturally it appears appearance is something we spend far more time on, then we do learning and practicing godliness.

    Exercise, as Paul says, is beneficial. Godliness is more so!

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