One of the most necessary challenges that a man or woman of God must undertake is to seek answers.  Luke sets an incredible example to the believers by being an investigator of our Messiah.  This is significant because it is very likely that Luke was not actually an eye witness of Christ’s ministry(1:1-4).  In his gospel’s prologue, Luke states that he has “carefully investigated everything from the beginning(1:3).”  Luke’s investigation of the life of Christ certainly gives his gospel a unique perspective.  Perhaps for this reason, the gospel of Luke is such an intimate look into the human nature of Jesus Christ as he lived on this earth.

In his writing, Luke often refers to Jesus’ human nature.  In fact, a passage that stands out is one found only in the gospel of Luke.  He states in 2:52 that “Jesus grew in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and men.”  From this passage it is obvious that although Jesus was unique, he had a normal childhood with friends and acquaintances.  Just like normal adolescents, he had to grow mentally and physically.  Throughout his life he also suffered joy(10:21) and anguish(22:44).  Jesus was tempted just like we are(4:1-13), and ultimately he died just like we will one day.  Obviously, Christ’s human nature is emphasized in Luke’s gospel, but what must be remembered by those reading Luke’s account is Jesus’ response to his human nature.

It is this response that must be modeled by modern Christians.  Jesus did not just grow in wisdom and stature and favor with man, he also grew in favor with God.  At the age of twelve it can already be seen that he knows where his loyalty lies(2:49).  Jesus might have suffered ups and downs in his emotions, but he consistently exhibits selflessness by how he treats others.  Jesus might have been tempted, but never did he give in even when he was weak(4:1-13).  Finally, Jesus did die, but he rose again on the third day, proving that he is who he said he was: the son of God(24:39).

It is true that Luke’s gospel emphasizes the human nature of Jesus; however, despite that human nature, Jesus’ supernatural presence shines through.  Jesus was the perfect human, who provided the perfect sacrifice, so that Christians can still be in awe today of the person he was and is.

Clay Smith