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Consider Your Ways

Their houses were built.  They were not just finished, they were nice. The best wood was used. No expense was spared.  When people passed by they were impressed.

Down the street though something seemed out of place.  In shambles laid the dwelling place.  And not just any dwelling place, it was the dwelling place of God.  This is the scenario when the Israelites return from captivity.  They rebuild their houses with the finest material, but they ignore the rebuilding of the Temple.  To this group of people the prophet Haggai proclaims:

Consider Your Ways!

The Israelites needed to get their priorities in order.  They had focused on themselves and ignored God.  We can fall into the same trap.  We can get so caught up in keeping up with our neighbors we forget the Lord. We can allow our work to become our God.  We can allow activities to become our king.  We can get our priorities all confused.  When this happens we need to heed the warning of Haggai to “ConsiderYour Ways.”


You have provided for our needs and more.  We live in a nation that is prosperous.  Help us Lord not to allow other things to take your place.  Help us to constantly examine ourselves and “Consider Our Ways.”

Through Your Son,




  1. Wow, what a heart felt post. I can relate and see this everywhere in the states. I have been guilty as well. We become so consumed with our materialistic endowments, they start to take priority in our lives over God. I have seen areas with large, elaborate homes and down the street there would be a small struggling church in need of a roof. As Americans our “worth” has evolved into what we can obtain during our lives. But like the bible says, lay not treasures for yourself upon the earth, but in heaven. For where your treasures are, there your heart is also.

  2. pst adeyinka a subair

    July 13, 2012 at 4:38 pm

    it takes the grace of God to fulfil destiny in life

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