Christians understand the importance of God’s word.  We have been taught the need to study and apply Scripture.  Sermons have been dedicated to teaching these essential truths.  What I found interesting about 1 Peter was the call not to study and apply scripture, but to crave and long for Scripture.

As I thought about the need to crave Scripture, I was reminded about this theme throughout the Bible.  The Bible records for us numerous accounts of the people of God loving Scripture.  Psalm 119, the longest “chapter” in the Bible, is all dedicated to the joy of the Law of God.  The righteous person is one who meditates and delights in God’s word.

In 1 Peter, Peter states that those who have been saved should crave the word of God.  Specifically, this craving should be like a newborn baby’s desire for milk. It is an absolute necessity.  We have the attitude that we cannot live without it.  This craving is not for adulterated milk, full of impurities.  Instead, this craving is for the “pure” milk.  Milk without any impurities of falsehoods.

Christians should not view the study of Scripture as an obligation or duty.  Christians, rather, should long and crave the pure milk of the word, knowing that it will allow us to mature in our faith.