The story of Creation is a Sunday School favorite.  Kids memorize each day’s activities.  Pictures are colored of the diverse creation. They are taught the important truth that God created all things.  Special time is spent on sharing with the kids that God created them in His image.

All of these truths are extremely important.  We need to teach them.  However, I think we miss one of the key theological points that Genesis 1 is making.  In Genesis 1 certain phrases are repeated.  We have the repeated phrase, “God said it.”  We have the repeated phrase “it was so.”  And we have the repeated phrase “It was good.”  Anyone who has read the section has seen these repeated phrases.

What I want us to do for a few moments is to think through what God is teaching us through this repetition.  My contention is that understanding these phrases is not just important to understanding Genesis 1, but the whole Pentateuch (First Five Books of Our Old Testament).

“God says it.” God speaks His plan. In the case of creation, God spoke it into existence.  However, God did not stop speaking at that point.  He continued, and continues, to speak His plan.  He declares it to the world.  In Genesis, we have God’s plan for man laid out.  God has a plan for man in the Garden, and after man sins God has a plan for man’s redemption.  God speaks His plan.

“It is so.” When God speaks His plan we can be certain it will happen.  The Creation is testimony that God is trustworthy.  What God speaks will come to fruition.  Therefore, when God speaks His plan we can be assured that is will happen.

It is good.” The plan that God speaks will turn out good.  When God speaks a plan, the plan will happen, and the results will be good.  Just as the creation was good, all of God’s plans will turn out good.

What is the point?  The point for us deals with whether or not we will participate in the plan of God.  Will we join in and receive the good benefits.  God’s has spoken His plan for Man’s redemption . The plan that God has spoken will come to fruition.  The plan will turn out good.  Will you be a part of it?