They were top notch students.  The knew all the facts.  They could ace any test given.  Others looked to them as the source of knowledge.  In fact, they were the teachers of the people.  However, they miss the big picture.

The “they” we are talking about is the Jewish leaders who rejected Jesus. Jesus states:

You diligently search the Scriptures believing that by them you will obtain eternal life.  The Scriptures testify of me, yet you refuse to come to me in order to have life.

They had missed the point that the Scripture should show us how to have a relationship with Jesus.  They had diligently taken the time to understand what each word, each clause, each sentence, each paragraph, each book meant, but they had failed measurely in really understanding the Scripture.

Church let’s not make the same mistake.  The Scripture should be analyzed, applied, and trusted.  However, we cannot miss the big picture.  We cannot miss Jesus.  In our study of Scripture lets make sure that we do so to have a relationship with Him!


We can be short-sighted at times.  Help us to see your Son in Scripture.  Help us to realize Scripture points us to Him for our eternal life.

Through Your Son,


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