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Facades of Faith

When you see them on TV they look real.  You feel like you are in a Western town, or a sleepy country community, or in the middle of a Metropolis.  They look real.  However, when you go to Universal Studios you realize they are not real.  No the Western Town that you see on TV is nothing more than a facade.  The front looks great.  The rest, however, is missing.  When you open the door you realize there is nothing behind what you can see.

Jesus dealt with many religious people during His day.  He had heavy confrontations with people who “looked” religious.  They knew the right words and did the right rituals.  From the outside you would think they were bastions of holiness, but they were nothing more than facades.  No depth.  No reality.

Sadly, many religious people in our world are facades of faith.  They have the Christian jargon down.  They go to the right services at the right time.  They give the right money to the right organization.  They have the act down. However, they are facades of faith.  When someone takes a closer look they realize there is no substance.  No reality.  They are able to “trick” those around them, because many people will only see the facade.  However, they cannot trick God.  He knows them thru and thru. He knows the outside looks great, but the inside is empty.  Do not be a facade of faith.  Be the real thing.


We live in a world that seems to value style over substance.  We live in a world where keeping up appearances is important. We ask Lord that our relationship with you not simply be an appearance.  Help us Lord to be true disciples.  Help us Lord to be genuine.  Father, forgive us when we are simply facades.

Through Your Son,


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  1. Hah! Your facebook notification read “Are you the real DEAD or just look good?” I know now it was supposed to be “deal” but it made me think of a whole different self-examiniation. Am I really DEAD (Rom. 6:11; Col. 2:20) to sin and the world, or am I just sleeping and able to wake up and re-enter it whenever I choose?

  2. Wesley

    September 7, 2010 at 10:01 pm

    If you are going to become more than a facade then you have to be dead to sin.

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