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God Pleasing Sacrifice

When one reads the book of Leviticus we realize the importance of sacrifice within the Mosaic System.  It was an essential part of this covenant.  The Hebrew writer shows us that animal sacrifices are no longer needed for sin.  Jesus has become our “once for all” sin offering.  He was the “better” sacrifice.

However, just because animal sacrifice is no longer needed, the Hebrew writer does encourage us to offer sacrifices to God.  In fact he gives three at the end of the book:

1.  Confession of His Name.

2. Doing Good

3. Sharing with others.

Today lets make those three areas our goals.  Lets confess the name of God in words and actions.  Lets do good to those who are around us.  Lets share what we have with others.  In doing so we will offer sacrifice to God (Hebrews 13:15, 16).

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  1. The OT book of Leviticus was in many ways a worship manual, giving in great detail the pattern of worship according to the Law of Moses. Sacrifice was the heart of worship. Paul stated in Romans 12:1 that self sacrifice is still worship to God. Your passages about sacrifice appear to fall into that category. Hence the question – how do the sacrifices stated in Hebrews coincide with New Testament worship as you know it?

  2. Wesley

    November 17, 2010 at 11:06 am

    I think the point is that we become the sacrifice today. Paul in his writings uses sacrificial language often in his writings to refer to the Christian. The point is our sacrifices to God today are not animals for our sin, but our lives in honor of God.

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