At some point I have planned to write a series on friendship.  This will go up at some point next year here on the site. But I was reminded of one part of friendship that I want to share with my readers now.

Proverbs says:

Wounds from a friend can be trusted.

Good friends are honest.  They are willing to tell you the hard things because they care for you.  Their words aren’t meant to hurt, they are not meant to incite, but rather they are meant to prod, correct, and sometimes even rebuke.  I am blessed with good friends.  Friends who will say the tough things when I need to hear it.  Friends who will tell me the truth when it might not be the most pleasant thing.

We all need friends like this.  We need people who we can trust that can correct us.  So do you have friends this way?  Do you appreciate them? Are you  a friend to others this way?