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Grace Abuse

The greatest gifts of God can also be the most abused.  God has granted man many wonderful gifts.  Great and awesome blessings that are to our benefit.  However, many times we take that which God has given us as a blessing and turned it into a curse.

Such is the case with grace.  In Romans 6, Paul brings up two questions concerning his teaching about God’s grace.  These questions are designed to answer would be abuses to his teaching.  The first question is “should we continue in sin that grace may abound?”  The second asked, “Shall we sin because we are not under law, but under grace ?”  In both we see a common abuse of grace.  That common abuse of grace is to use grace as an excuse to sin.

Without the grace of God there is no hope for forgiveness.  Due to God’s grace we have our sins purged from us.  This expression of His mighty love should motivate us to stay away from sin and press forward to further sanctification.  However, grace abusers want to use God’s grace as an excuse, or as a permission to not take sin serious and to allow it to reign over them.

Grace has been abused since the 1st Century and continues to be abused today.  The question for us is whether or not we will abuse God’s grace and use it as a license to continue to sin, or if we will allow the grace of God to motivate us to present our bodies as instruments of righteousness.



  1. Excellent observations….more churches are destroyed over both extremes–liberalism and legalism…and in our age it is the former that is flourishing.
    This article is a necessary reminder. Love the site.

  2. To many Lord abuse thy grace
    In this licentious day
    And while they boast they see thy face
    They turn there own away.
    Thy book displays a gracious light That can the blind restore
    But these are dazzled by the sight
    And blinded still the more.
    The pardon, such presume upon
    They do not beg but steal
    And when they plead it at thy throne
    OH! Wheres the Spirits seal??
    Was it for this, ye lawless tribe
    The dear Redeemer bled?
    Is this the grace the saints imbibe
    From Christ the living Head?
    Ah, Lord we know thy chosen few
    Are fed with heavenly fare
    But these the wretched husks they chew
    Proclaim them what they are
    The liberty our hearts implore
    Is not to live in sin
    But still to wait at wisdoms door
    Till mercy calls us in
    William Cowper 1779 (if he could only see today)

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