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He is, so we strive to Become

In 1 John 3 John describes to us some truths about Jesus.  John says He is pure (3:3).  John declares He is sinless (3:5).  John states He is righteous.  John in very clear language describes three important attributes of Jesus.

Why?  Although it is good for us to know these facts about Jesus so that we will appreciate Him more and better understand His sacrifice, John has a different ambition.  He wants us to become like Jesus.  John says that since Jesus is pure, we purify ourselves (3:3).  John declares that since He is sinless, then we should not practice sin (3:6). John states that since He is righteous then we should practice righteousness (3:7).

So, child of God, will you strive to be like Jesus today?



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  2. Wesley

    November 30, 2010 at 1:02 pm

    Thanks for sharing that Mary Beth, hopefully many will turn out to learn.

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