Humility is one of those words that is given a great amount of lip service.  As Christians you cannot study Scripture seriously and not see the need for it.  It is at the beginning of the Sermon of the Mount (Blessed are the poor in spirit).  It is stated that God gives grace to the humble.  We even sing of the necessity to humble ourselves before the Lord.

However, at times it seems that humility is more a word tossed around than a characteristic of who we are.  We say we want humility, but then glorify the athlete or movie star or politician who is proud and arrogant.  We say we want humility but we seem to look down on the truly humble. Humility is seen as a weakness.

If we are to take humility serious then it must move beyond what we say unto how we do and act.  Humility means applying Scripture, even the ones that are difficult and that we might even struggle with.  Humility means removing all arrogance or preconception of worthiness and turning yourself completely over to Christ as Lord.  Humility is dying to self and living for God.  It is a challenge, but it is needed!


You are Creator, we are creature. You are Redeemer, we are redeemed. You are Full of Grace, and we are unworthy recipients. You are Lord, and we are slave. Help us to humble ourselves under your mighty hand.

Through Your Son,