If you followed the blog in November, you might recall a series of posts concerning voting.  In it, I hoped to outline reasons for voting (here), how Christians should vote (here), and goals for voting (here).  As part of that series I made it clear that voting has its limitations, but also laid out that in voting Christians have the opportunity to aid the government in fulfilling its God given requirements.  Specifically, God has decreed that government should punish evildoers and promote good.

Government has its limitations (I write about that here).  However, this past week an example of what voting can do was seen. The House of Representatives voted to defund the nations leading abortion provider.  Planned Parenthood provides many services, some of them are legitimate and helpful, but it also is involved in the immoral business of abortion. It stays in business through government subsidy. Over 3.9 billion dollars have been given to this organization since 1987.  Our taxes, indirectly (there are limits to directly funding abortion), have been used in an immoral way.

This is an example of what voting can do.  By voting for individuals who would be willing to defund this organization, we were able to move government closer to its God given ideal.

Now before we get too excited about this apparent moral victory, we need to realize there is still more work to be done.  This proposal to defund still must be negotiated in the Senate and the White House.  This means that as Christians we have an opportunity to further aid the government in punishing evil and promoting good.  Take some time to pray, and then contact those who represent you.

My prayer is that an organization will arise, which is worthy of our dollar,s to provide the legitimate services of Planned Parenthood. But as long as planned Parenthood is in the abortion business, then I will continue to pray that it is defunded, and will vote for individuals who will work toward that goal.

Voting, and the Government, will not solve all of man’s problems.  But examples like this one remind me why voting matters.