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Jesus is Astonished

The naturally reaction to people in the Gospels to Jesus is astonishment.  Whether Jesus is healing diseases, casting out demons, calming the storm, or teaching, people react to Jesus in amazement.

This should not surprise us, we today are also amazed by Jesus (or at least we should be).  He is God.  He is our Savior.  He is our Lord.  The works of God on this earth recorded to us in Scripture bring amazement to His people.

Yes, the Gospels often state that people reacted to Jesus with amazement.  Far less often though do the Gospels speak of Jesus as being astonished.  One such case in in Mark 6:1-6.  Verse 6 is especially pointing:

He was amazed at their lack of faith.

The people in Jesus’ home region did not believe.  Today, Jesus is still astonished by the lack of belief.  Really there are two choices:  Either we are astonished by Jesus, or He is astonished by us.  Which describes you?

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  1. Hey, Wes! I really enjoyed this and the simplicity of “Either we are astonished by Jesus, or He is astonished by us.”

    This past week as we have driven to school the girls and I are amazed by the colors of the trees especially as the sun shines through them to make them glow. One of the first great trees that we admired, I simply said, “Thank you, God” out loud as we drove by. Now every day since then, I’ll point out a tree with a “Wow! look at that one!” and it hasn’t failed yet that one of the girls will simply say, “Thank you, God”.

    While we don’t have the privilege now of being astonished by actually seeing Jesus “healing diseases, casting out demons, or calming the storm”, we can still be astonished by His handiwork all around us. It is amazing to me that some people can see that same handiwork and not believe in the Creator.

  2. Wesley

    October 27, 2010 at 11:33 pm

    Thanks for sharing. The changing of the seasons are truly a witness to the greatness of our God. I’m with you I do not know how anyone can reject God when we see all the evidence around Him. He has truly left us with a clear witness of Himself.

  3. I think a series of articles on “reactions of jesus” could be cool. We always talk about how do we react to Jesus, but how does he react to us. Sounds like a sermon series.

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