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Joy of Salvation

I can’t imagine being under the ground not knowing if I would ever see the light a day.  I can’t imagine having that sense of despair for a minute.  I definitely can’t imagine having that feeling for more than fifty days.  But if you have followed the news lately you know that 33 miners dealt with this very fact.

As I watched and read the coverage I couldn’t help but see the reaction of the people.  The families, the miners, and the world seemed to all have the same basic feelings.  These feelings were of immense joy.  These men, just a few weeks earlier, had no clue if they would ever see friends and family again.  When they did finally “escape” the terror, the only reaction was joy.

This got me thinking of Christians.  We have “escaped” the corruption of the world (1 Peter 1:4).  We were rescued by God from the darkness of the world.  Our reaction should be the same, we should be overjoyed.  We should have a joy that is indescribable.  God has rescued us!  We had no hope!  The angels rejoiced! God rejoiced! Now lets rejoice in our salvation!


We thank you for giving us the means to escape.  We cannot express the gratitude we have.

Through Your Son,


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  1. Yes, we should be overjoyed! Just like the miners trapped in that dark cave, we were trapped in a dark cramped space by our sins, by the corruption of the world.

    Let’s celebrate our liberation!

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  2. Wesley

    October 14, 2010 at 11:19 am

    Thanks Thomas for reading and commenting.

  3. Jennifer Jensen

    October 14, 2010 at 4:34 pm

    When we watched a few of the men rescued, my husband and I commented on what was really important to them: PEOPLE! Not things, but people.

    We too have been saved, and what should be most important to us (after God of course)? People…

  4. Thanks for posting this, Wesley. We absolutely should be overjoyed. Often times we become complacent in our faith and forget how undeserving we are as sinners and how merciful God is to allow us a plan of salvation.

  5. I’d like to see a congregation rejoice like the miners’ families, and receive the media attention when a fellow man/woman follows the gospel. Wouldn’t that be awesome if the news would provide statistics as to how many people were saved by the blood of Christ on one of those scrolling bars at the bottom of Fox news. I’d rather read that than some of the garbage that is promoted.

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