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Memories in Heaven

Disney World brought back memories of my childhood.  While riding the Winnie the Pooh ride I remember Saturday mornings with my grandma.  They consisted of peanut butter toast and watching cartons.

Another childhood memory was my mom bringing home new Disney books.  I seemed to have them all.  I could read Peter Pan, The Jungle Book, and many more.  My time at Disney got me thinking about memories.  And about heaven.

Let me explain.  I like thinking about heaven.  Death still scares me, but I long for heaven.  When thinking about heaven and memories, here is what crossed my mind.  One of the great aspects about heaven is that we get to keep our memories.  The great moments that we share on this earth will be with us forever.

Jesus often used heaven as a motivation.  The reward of the afterlife is not something Christians should take lightly.  As you go through today, do it thinking about the reward waiting for you.  Also in the comments tell us what you find awe-inspring about heaven.

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  1. After 30 years of not being a Christian, the first 30 years of my life, then to come to the knowledge of who I was and what 30 years had done to my heart, my mind and my body, then to hear the words, yes, even you are forgiven and you can live in eternity with God…that was an amazing day, one I still think about with tears from time to time. One of my favorite songs says this, “I am accepting tho I can’t comprehend, how I could be worth the cost, when I was bound despised and lost.” Still brings tears to my eyes to even type it. I look forward to seeing you there brother!!

  2. I appreciate you sharing with all of us. Not sure I have ever heard that song, but the lyrics sound powerful.

  3. We may remember wonderful memories from earth while we are in Heaven but what blows my mind is how insignificant they will seem. Perhaps we will appreciate the friends we had on earth, but after being near God earth will seem lonely. We might appreciate the happiness we experienced on earth, but how is that comparable to eternal joy we will experience? Honestly if a Christian isn’t excited by the thoughts you gave us in this blog post, there are serious problems. I don’t know what Heaven will be like, but if it is good enough for the creator of the universe, I think it will be good enough for the rest of us.

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