The actually rides at Disney are boring.  I mean the “actually” ride.  They are normally slow moving, not many drops, and have few exciting moments.  There are exceptions, but in general Disney rides are boring.

However, people love going to Disney.  I love going to Disney.  Why?  Not because the rides are the best, but because it is more than rides.   When I ride Peter Pan it is the scenery, the music, the enchantment.  It is the way people greet you.  The cleanliness of the streets.  The characters.  The smiles of little children.  The stories that are being told.  When you are riding Pirates of the Carribean, you are not just on a slow moving boat, but entering into a new world.

This post is obviously not about Disney.  But the robust nature of the Disney experience reminds me of the Christian life.  The Christian life is not just about the words we say (although they are important), it is also about the lives we live.  The story we tell the world with our actions.  The new creation we become.

Today, remember that words (as important as they are) can be boring.  However, show the world the true Christian experience. Show the beauty that is Christ living in you.  Be salt. Be light.  Let Christ live through You (Galatians 2:2o).


Help us be more than words.  Help us be lives changed to your glory.  Help others to experience your Son working through us.

Through Your Son,


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