Today is the opening day of baseball season.  To a lot of people it means that Spring has finally arrived.  For baseball fans it is a day of optimism (except maybe for Royals and Pirates fans).  Everyone is convinced that this is the year for their team.

I guess that is what makes Opening Day a cultural phenomenon.  It represents a clean slate.  It represents new optimism.  It provides hope that your team will win it all.

When I think about  Opening Day analogies to the day of salvation come into my mind.  Allow me to share it with you.  Our day of salvation brings:

1. A clean slate.  When an individual is baptized into Christ, Paul states that their sin is removed from them (Colossians 2)  Peter states that it is forgiven (Acts 2).  It is no longer counted against us (Romans).  When we arise to walk in new life we have a clean slate (Romans 6)

2. A new optimism.  This optimism comes from several sources.  It comes from the work of the blood of Christ in us daily.  The death of Jesus is the source of continual cleansing on our behalf.  We can have an optimism that as we walk in the light we are being cleansed constantly (1 John 1).  We also have a new optimism because we know that God is on our side.  He has done so much on our behalf that we can be confident that He will not leave us now.

3.  Hope.  The Christian life is a hopeful life.  We wait expectantly for the day when Jesus will return and bring us into the heavenly kingdom.  We know then that all of our struggles on this earth will be removed. and we will be in an everlasting kingdom with our Lord.