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Overflowing Grace

We know Paul. We know he persecuted Christians.  We know he was there when Stephen died.  We know the struggles and hardships he endured.

We also know ourselves.  We know ourselves better than others know us.  We know our past sins.  We know things we don’t want others to know.  We know our current struggles and hardships.  Knowledge that can almost be crippling.

Let me tell something that Paul stated about his relationship with God that might help you.  Paul said:

“The grace of the Lord overflowed on my behalf” (2 Timothy 1:14).

The word for “overflowed” is an amazing word.  It is actually a compound Greek word.  The base word means abound or excel, but added to the word is a suffix (actually a Greek preposition, but it looks like a suffix in to an English reader), that means abound.  Paul is stressing with the best way he knows just how much God’s grace had been used on his behalf.  It had not just flowed, it had overflowed.  It did not just abound, it super-abounded.

When you think you are too sinful, or God can’t forgive you, remember God’s grace has super-abounded on your behalf as well.


You know our sin, but you still love us.  You know our transgressions, but you still forgive us.  You know our apparent worthlessness, but make us worthy.  Your grace has more than abounded on my behalf. Thank you.

Through Your Son,



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  1. Good word. Thanks for the encouragement!

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