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Despair.  That was his life.  He had no hope.  His family had no hope.  He worked day-by-day under a harsh taskmaster.  He endured beatings.  He worried about whether his young son would be sold to another. All he had known was being  a slave.  He was born a slave and he would die a slave.

Then one day he learned that he in his family had been bought.  The assumption was that they were bought by another plantation owner, destined to the same work.  However, they were surprised to learn that the new owner did not want them for slaves.  No, he wanted to restore them to freedom.  He had paid their price to set them free and allow them to truly live.  They had been redeemed.

A slave set free from the harsh conditions of slavery had to be an amazing feeling.  As Christians we have also been redeemed.  We have been redeemed from sin.  Sin was a hard taskmaster leading us to destruction. However, because of Jesus we have been redeemed from sin.  Redeemed to freedom.  Redeemed to live free in Christ!

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  1. How precious is our redemption from our former slavery!
    When you think about it, when you go back and indulge in sin, it is like going back to try to be a slave again, it is utter foolishness! Who in there right mind would want to go back once you have tasted the sweet, sweet taste of freedom in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ?

  2. Wesley

    November 11, 2010 at 7:06 pm

    Great point Ben.

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