It was one of the most amazing things I have ever seen.  Going into this open room and looking overheard at a piece of history was awesome.  To think that I was standing and looking at something I had only read about.  Something that was a legitimate master piece.  These were my feeling and are my feelings as I think about the time I visited the Sistine Chapel.

It is hard to imagine one man doing all this himself. The time, energy, and effort that Michelangelo put into this project is clearly seen.  Yet, I think we forget that he truly didn’t do this alone.  Yes, he was the designer and painter, but there were others working along side him.  They mixed paint, prepared plaster, and did other jobs that allowed Michelangelo to do what he does best, create a masterpiece. However, without the help there would not be a Sistine Chapel.

None of us is an island.  We need each others.  Great things are accomplished in community. As a church we need to remember that we all have talents that we can offer to God’s service. We might not all be painters, but we can all serve God with the talents we have.  Let’s work together to create masterpieces.


Thank you for placing Christians into the body of Christ.  Thank you for the talents you give us to accomplish your will.  Help us Lord to put away pride and serve you.

Through Your Son,


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