This week is a special thanksgiving series looking at the prayers of Paul.  The hope is that if we learn what Paul was thankful for we can better recognize what we should be thankful for.  You can read part one of this post here.

Paul writes to the Philippians in 1:3, 4 that he thanks God for the partnership the Philippians have with Paul.  The word partnership is translated fellowship in other versions.  The idea is a joint participation in a cause.  In this case the joint participation is in the spreading of the gospel.  Paul gave thanks to this church for aiding him in the proclamation of the gospel.

How do they do this?  They did it through financially helping Paul in his ministry.  Paul thanks them for this financial blessing in 4:10-19.  They had helped him in his ministry through this gift they gave.  This financial support had created a partnership between them and Paul to which Paul was grateful and thanked God.

So today thank God for the partnerships you have in the gospel.  These could be the people in the congregation who support you if you are a preacher or missionary.  Church this could be the missionaries that you support or the preachers who labor amongst you. Take the time to remember the individuals who are helping in the proclamation of the gospel and thank God for them. Thank God for them by name and if you have a chance tell them that you did!