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In Ephesians 1:15, 16 Paul writes:

For this reason, ever since I heard of you faith in the Lord Jesus…I have not stopped giving thanks.

“For this reason” is important for our understanding of this section.  To me it is best to understanding the “reason” being all that Paul has spoken of to begin the book.  In verses 3-13 Paul has a meandering sentence where he says (in far more words) God chose us (I’ve written on that before here).  In verse 14 Paul reminds them of the trust they put in the gospel once they heard it.  They had believed the message.

They had chosen Jesus and thus God had chosen them.  They had put their faith in the Lord Jesus.  It is clear that without God’s stepping in because of his rich grace to His personal glory (read 1:3-13) that we would have no hope.  So we thank God for stepping in on our behalf in a powerful way.  We also though thank God for those who have believed the gospel.

So as we end thanksgiving week.  Thank God for the offer of salvation.  Think on the fact of your hopelessness without His rich grace.  Also thank God for those who have accepted God’s salvation.  For Paul thank God for both!