I had seen the golf ball on TV for years.  It was a symbol of Disney World.  The Giant golf ball is synonymous with Epcot.  I did not know until I got there that the ball is actually a ride.  So after spending the day touring the other attractions at the park I decided to “top off” the trip by riding inside the Golf Ball.

The ride is actually called “Spaceship Earth.”  In the ride you start from the “beginning” of history (I had some problems with how they began history, but that is for a different post) and work you way toward the future.  Along the way you are reminded of all the major events in human history.  You are told about the Egyptians, the Greeks, and the Romans.  You then are brought through the Middle Ages and told about many of the modern discoveries.  As I was going through the ride I was shocked to see the major gap left out of the history.

You see no where in the ride is Jesus mentioned.  The center of history is dismissed.  It was Christ who was the creator and beginner of history.  Jesus was the foreordained redeemer of humanity within history.  Jesus was God coming among His people.  The whole of the Old Testament and ancient history waited for His revealing. Since He has left the world, having ascended into glory after His death and Resurrection, all of history looks back at what He has done and waits for His return.  His return ends history as we know it.  Yes, I was shocked that the most important person in human history was left out of the ride.

More importantly though I am shocked when I see people live as if Jesus never existed.


Thank you for coming into human history.  Helps us to live in a way that reflects the greatness of your Son.  May we bring glory to Him and You.

Through Your Son,