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What motivates you to serve God?

Jerry delivered the speech. Rice, one of the greatest Wide Receivers ever to play football, shared his emotions with the Canton Crowd. Getting into his psyche was a treat. The best part: HIs talk of motivation. It wasn’t winning. It wasn’t pride. It wasn’t love of the game. No Rice was motivated by fear of failure. Obviously this fear served Rice well as he put up great numbers. Sadly, it also robbed Rice of the joy of playing the game.

Fear of failure is a common motivation for Christians as well. They view God as out to get them. He is waiting on them to mess up. They do right in order not to anger Him. They live holy lives out of fear of failure. The result: A joyless Christian life.

The answer to this joyless existence is to allow the gospel to take center stage. The gospel reminds us that God is not out to get us. Instead God is for us. It reminds us it is not about our perfection, but about our faith in Him. This eliminates fear of failure and allows us to serve God out of gratitude. Gratitude for all that God has done for us. When we grasp that God died for us, then we do not fear being failures, but instead our hearts swell up with gratitude. This is the motivation we have to serve God. And this motivation allows us immense JOY!



  1. Great Devo. I am preaching on being motivated to preach the gospel tomorrow. Why do we preach the gospel? Is it simply because we are commanded to? Is it because we fear punishment if we do not? Or do we preach the gospel out of faith that there is a hell, that people are on their way to the eternal torment, and that we know how to save them? Do we preach the gospel because we love people and have faith in God’s word or simply because Christians are supposed to do that?

    Having a taste of the Boston Movement in my Christian infancy has helped me appreciate the concept of motivation. I am thankful to say that my motivation has changed to love from fear or mere law keeping.

    Thanks Wesley for helping me to meditate a little more 🙂

  2. Wesley

    August 27, 2010 at 6:56 pm

    Thanks. I agree motivation is so important. In fact it is possible for someone to do the right things, but it be sinful because of the motivation to them. Also Christians who are motivated by guilt or fear of punishment burn out quickly. Only the grace of God can produce lifelong service!

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