In Romans 1 we are told of the downward spiral of the Gentiles.  God had provided them with evidence of His existence and knowledge of certain attributes through creation.  The hope was that the Gentiles would recognize this evidence and seek out the God of creation.  Instead they rejected the true God and exchanged Him for idols.  Instead of worshipping God they worshipped all sorts of images.

The result of this change in the one to be worshipped was not minor.  By exchanging the true God for a lie in their worship they also were given over to moral decay. The list in Romans 1:20ff lists these sinful practices.  The point is it matters who you worship.  If you stop worshipping the true God and exchange Him for idols (today not so much of wood and stone, but idols none the less), then you whole life is changed.  In the same way if you worship the true God your whole life will also be changed.

Who will you worship today?  Will you worship the True God or an idol you have created? It matters!