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Why are you so Angry?

God asked Cain this question when he had rejected Cain’s offering and Cain became angry and sullen. Perhaps the same question could be asked of many of us today. Many people are battling with anger. People are angry at parents, angry with the government, angry with spouses, angry at their circumstances in life, angry about their health, angry about the outcome of some financial venture, and

angry about injustices of all kinds. The anger within people is destructive both to one’s thinking and one’s relationships. Anger is the devil’s foothold in many

lives. Why are you angry and what are you doing about it?


Why are you angry? Cain was angry because he knew he was wrong and didn’t want to change. David was angry about some other man’s sins but unconcerned about his own. Saul was angry because he perceived his son as disloyal because of his friendship with David. Jacob was angry about being judged unfairly and accused wrongfully. Esau was angry because something had been stolen from him

through lying and cheating. Simeon and Levi were angry because their sister had been violated and there had been no justice done.  Jonah was angry because God didn’t want the same things for the Ninevites that Jonah wanted. Why are you angry?


Once you know the answer to the first question, then what will you do with your anger? Scripture calls us to keep our mouths shut, listen, and try to think. Scripture says we can acknowledge the fact of our anger, but must not use it as an excuse to sin. Scripture says we must not nurture or harbor our anger, but act positively to resolve it. Scripture calls us to pray about it and to pray for our enemies. Scripture calls us to talk things out with people one on one in a godly way. Scripture warns

that anger never accomplishes the righteousness of God. Scripture warns us not to avenge ourselves but to leave that up to God.


What are you doing with your anger? Many are allowing their anger to destroy their homes, destroy their work relationships, destroy their own character, and

to destroy their relationship with God. Anger is one of the emotions everyone feels, but it is also one of the devil’s greatest tools in destroying the souls of men and women. Why are YOU angry, and what are YOU going to do about it?



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  1. I am angry at myself for feeling impotent while watching the United States of America fall away from God and Jesus Christ , the very reason this country was formed and the reason for its greatness. What can I do ? Nothing more than run my mouth and pray . But are my filthy prayers even acceptable to a God that I did not live for most of my life ? I will continue to pray but will still feel it isn’t enough .

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