It hung high. It was for all to see.  No missing it.  Thousands upon thousands saw it.  It read simply:

Work will Make You Free

This sign was above Auschwitz. Untold saw as they entered the camp. Many to never leave again. It was a lie.

Christians are to do good works.  We are to be God’s workmanship. However, we are not to work in order to earn salvation. Nor do we work in order to set ourselves free.  In fact if we work believing it will earn us God’s favor then we are on a path that leads to death. If we seek to be right with God based upon our merit then we have fallen from God’s grace (Galatians 5:4).  Let’s work for God.  But let us not believe the lie that our work sets us free. That honor belongs to Jesus.

Righteous Father,

We are thankful that we can be your laborers on this earth. We want to give our lives in service to you.  Father we ask that you help us have the right attitude while we work.  Help us not think that somehow we are earning our salvation.  Help us not to be boastful.  Instead Father helps us work knowing that Jesus is our Hope.

In Him,