Job had lost everything.  He had lost his family, his property, and his health.  Although his wife was not physical taken from him, his relationship with her at the moment was lost as well.  The man from Uz was experiencing suffering most of us cannot imagine. In our eyes we might think that he had every right to distrust God.  I mean we would argue how can someone still have faith when this type of tragedy has struck them.

Job’s response, however, is “Though He Slay Men, Yet I Will Trust Him.”

The text is clear that Job did not understand why this suffering had come upon him, but he never stopped trusting God.  It can be easy at times to trust in the goodness and faithfulness of God when things are going great for us.  But let’s remember that God is still good and just even when suffering occurs.  We may not understand why it is happening, but we like Job should say, “Yet Will I Trust Him.”


Thank you for your faithfulness even in times of suffering.  During suffering we can have the temptation to doubt you, keep our faith unwavering during those times.  Help us to say with Job, no matter what happens, “Yet I will Trust Him.”

Through Your Son,