The pitch is thrown. The ball is hit with a thundering crack. It travels up, up, up. Everyone playing ball that lazy Saturday morning knows it is gone. As they look to see the ball land their shouts of joy turn into an eerie silence as the smash of a car window is heard in the distance. No doubt, something has been hit. The boys slowly go to see the damage. Their stomachs sink as they see a brand-new red Camaro with a shattered front glass. No adults are around and the boys begin to argue amongst themselves on what to do. Some want to just leave the field and act as if it never happened. Others want to find and tell the owner what they had done.

The teen years are about transition from childhood to adulthood. It is time when we are supposed to grow up and become men. But, what makes a man? Numerous answers and Scripture shed light on manhood, but lets talk briefly about one aspect of manhood that is missing in our world—accountability.

In the book of Ezekiel the people had a favorite proverb they would say. It went, “The fathers eat sour grapes and the children’s teeth are set on edge” (18:1). Or to put it in today’s terms, “My dad eats the bad food, and I’m the one who gets sick.” The point of the proverb was to blame someone else for your situation. God told Ezekiel to forbid this proverb from being said any longer because it eliminated personally accountability for one’s actions.

You see God wants us to be accountable for the deeds we do and the words we say. We are not to be people who when we sin, or even just make a mistake, hide from our failures. Instead we are to own up to what we have done. This means we admit to the wrong doing. It means we accept the consequences. It means we pay back any damages. Really what is means is that we act like men.

Guys (and girls) lets get real. Shirking responsibility is the cowardly thing to do. Our world is full of cowards who try to find ways to either blame others for their problems or refuse to admit their failings. Don’t be a coward, be a man!

So do you need to confess to any shattered windows?