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Decisions Determine Destiny

I’m not sure where I first heard the phrase.  But it has stuck with me.  At some point, someone wiser than myself used it.  It could have been in a book I read, or a sermon I heard, or maybe even in casual conversation.  However, how I first head the phrase is not important. What is important is that someone, somewhere, shared this wisdom, and I want to pass it along.

The phrase is: Decisions Determine Destiny.   The reason the phrase is so powerful is because it reminds me that the decisions I make have consequences.  If, for instance, I decide to be diligent in my studies, read the required books, work hard on the required paper, then I have a good shot at doing well in my Graduate Classes.  Every small decision impacts my future reward/punishment.

This applies on two levels.  On the earthly level our decisions have an affect on our life.  The principle of “reaping what you sow” is true.  It isn’t always true, but most of the time if you work hard, prepare yourself, and live with integrity you will be a success.  On the flip side if you are lazy, unprepared, and lack integrity you will be a failure.  These are proverbial truths (and in fact are inspired proverbial truths).   Young and Old alike need to realize the importance of this principle.  Every decision you make will have some sort of affect on your future, so be faithful in small decisions.

On a second level, decisions determine destiny in an eternal since.  Christianity requires many decisions.  We make a decision concerning the existence of God (if you are struggling with this check out these posts).  We make a decision concerning the deity of Christ (you can read here).  We make a decision concerning our sinfulness and whether we are ready to change.  We make a decision on whether or not we will submit to God’s plan for our righteousness.  Will we recognize that Jesus is God and believe that He lived, died, and was raised for our salvation?  Will we confess His Lordship over our lives and live out that confession daily?  Will we turn from our sins?  Will we put Him on in baptism for the forgiveness of our sins?  Will we daily take up our cross and follow Him?

All of those decisions will determine our destiny.  More importantly, those decisions determine YOUR destiny.  Hopefully, this little phrase can impact your life the way it has mine.



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