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Importance of Incarnation–Part 3

The normal narrative that goes with the Christmas season is one of peace, tranquility, and joy.  We see scenes of a smiling Joseph and Mary looking down upon their pride and joy who is laying peacefully in a clean wooden manger.  The picture is of a couple and a baby who have the perfect life.  Reality is much diferrent.

Yes the birth of Jesus was a time of great joy because He was the long awaited Savior-King who would bring salvation to the world, but this does not mean that the birth of Jesus was without turmoil and trouble.  I’m sure it wasn’t easy on Mary to walk several miles while being pregnant.  I also do not doubt that Joseph and Mary faced ridicule because of the nature of the conception of Jesus.  We know that later certain people questioned the legitimacy of Jesus’ birth.  Although joy and peace entered the world in the person of Jesus, we cannot glorify this time so much to miss the sacrifices of Joseph and Mary.

But the person who sacrificed the most in all of this was Jesus.  Yes, Jesus sacrificed before He become our sin-offering. Jesus sacrificed by even coming to the earth.  The incarnation teaches us greatly about the humility of Jesus.   Jesus, who is God, decides to leave His abode in heaven to enter into earth.  The switching of places is without comparison.  No one has ever stepped lower in station then when God became man.  I’m not sure if we can ever fully grasp what Jesus did.  We can only agree with Paul when he states Jesus emptied Himself and did not use His rank as God as a reason to not come to earth (Philippians 2:5-8).

The Son humbled Himself and became human.  God became flesh, like us. The challenge for you and I is to model and live that same humility.



  1. I suggest Phillip Yancey’s book: The Jesus I Never Knew. The book as a whole was an enjoyable eye-opener for me, and his chapter on the birth of Jesus is excellent. It shows aspects of His birth that seldom get attention.

  2. Wesley

    December 24, 2010 at 12:36 am

    I’ve read that book, it has been a while, but I remember enjoying it. I might have to pick it up again.

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