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I am not the first person to see this.  I will probably not be the last one to see it.  But I think it is a legitimate observation.  That is when we look at the incarnation we have to be struck by the reaction of those involved in the Biblical narrative.  Specifically, we pause when we see the contrast between Herod and the Magi.  This contrast I do not believe is included in the narrative of Matthew simply to provide history, but rather it is an early invitation by Matthew for us to choose sides.

The Magi hear that the King is born and they go to bring gifts and worship Him.  Herod hears that the king is born and he attempts to find a way to eliminate a potential rival.  The prince of peace immediately brings division amongst the people.  It is foreshadowing what will happen throughout the Gospel.  Some people will accept Jesus as the king and will worship and follow Him, while others will reject Jesus and try to kill Him.

Matthew wants to know what camp you are in.  Are you actively seeking the King to worship and submit to Him, or are you rejecting the King?

The baby in the manger is the King and being indifferent toward Him is not an option.