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Another Great article by our College Contributor Clay Smith, you can read more of his writings here.

As I have grown up, it has become increasingly clear to me that our society is all about convenience. It might be humorous, but I believe this point is exemplified best when you walk into a bathroom. Think about it; in many bathrooms there are automatic toilets, sinks, soap dispensers, paper towel holders, hand dryers, air fresheners, and even trash cans! I am eagerly awaiting the day when they start putting movable sidewalks in our restrooms! Unfortunately on a more serious note, it is my concern that this mindset of convenience is one that the church is adopting. Far too often we are so worried about convenience that we do not show the care and concern God expects from us when it comes to meaningful and acceptable worship. An area of worship I fear is affected most by this mindset is our praise to God through song.

There are two negative consequences of apathetic singing to God that I would like to focus on today:

1) Apathy in singing praise to God shows separation from him. Singing is undoubtedly a reoccurring theme in the Biblical text. From the Bible’s description of singing we can learn that God’s creatures should sing praise to him (Psalm 135:3, Colossians 3:16) and that God himself sings (Zephaniah 3:17). However, it is interesting that Satan, demons, and fallen angels never sing. This exemplifies the harmful effects of sin. Sin robs us of joy, and leaves us devoid of a desire to offer meaningful praise to God. To offer acceptable praise to God we must have joy, and to have joy we must do our best to overcome sin!

2) Apathy in singing praise to God is an insult to him. Think about it; we sing the song “Light the Fire” but do we really wish to be on fire for God? Have we prepared the wood, and are we even ready to keep up the maintenance required to keep the flame aglow? So often we will sing a song such as “Light the Fire” and we will wonder why our spirit is not set aflame. We may try to add various “tools” to our worship to make us “feel” better about our singing, but the fact is, we will not be set on fire if we do not mean what we sing. When you sit in the pew, and sing these praises to God, it is an insult to him if you don’t mean what is said because you are literally lying to his face.

I will admit that I love singing. However, in the coming weeks I am going to make sure that my singing is focused on God and not self. I invite you to take this challenge alongside me. We must make sure that we have joy in our singing and that we truly mean what we sing. If we can overcome apathy when it comes to singing praise to God, we will be blessed tremendously and God will receive the praise and adoration he deserves.



  1. Thanks for this great post.
    I have lately thought about this same subject. And I have started praying to God before my family goes to church, that He would prepare our hearts to worship Him and to be captivated by the singing of praises of His glory and majesty and love.
    God bless Brother.

  2. Wesley

    November 23, 2010 at 9:11 pm

    I think preparation is so important to our time worshipping as a church. Praying before hand is a great. I also would suggest (if your church does this) taking the bulletin and look at the songs that have been selected before hand to get an idea of what you will be singing so that you have a better chance of focusing on the message of the songs and the glory of God.

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