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Theology of the Song “In Christ Alone”

One of the new songs that we have introduced into our assemblies over the last year has been “In Christ Alone.”  The song itself sounds great when sung, but what I love more about it is the theology behind the song.  Every time I hear it, it screams COLOSSIANS!

The basic theology of the song is the sufficiency of Christ, which is the basic theology of Colossians.  In a world full of religious and secular philosophies vying for our allegiance it is always needed to be reminded that our everything is wrapped up in Christ.

In a world where we compare ourselves with false standards.  When we are constantly being told by commercials that our lives need more, that we are lacking in some way, that we should be discontented, it is great to know that Christ is my all.

When false theology attempts to change God’s view of salvation.  When things are added to God’s plan that are foreign to the message of Christ, it is liberating to know that I can be satisfied with the salvation offered in Him.

What a great song that teaches an even greater message.  Truly “In Christ Alone, my hope is found.”

Lyrics to song can be found here.

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  1. Absolutely one of my favorites. Great post Wes!

  2. Wesley

    September 26, 2010 at 1:54 pm

    Mine as well. I love the new focus in song writing on teaching theological truths through song. This one is one of the best examples.

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